About us

We are a Czech hotel chain

Our hotels are designed to provide optimal facilities for both business and tourist clientele, with an emphasis on quality and a professional approach. We excel especially in the field of conference services, wellness and exceptional gastronomy.


Although each of our hotels has its own unique character, they are all guided by a common vision – to provide guests with superior service and guarantee an unforgettable stay experience.

Who we are and what we do



LH Hotels & Resorts is a Czech hotel chain that operates hotels in the **** category. Our hotels are equipped with congress and wellness centres, making them comfortable for both individual travellers and companies. We are a dynamic company made up of experts and practitioners who have been in the hotel industry for their entire professional career, because the work is fulfilling and enjoyeable for them.


Locally, our hotels are always among the best and we take pride in ourselves on the constant improvement of their facilities and services.

The background of our company are not only hotels, but also the specialized and respected hotel consultancy company Labartt Hospitality (labartthospitality.cz) and the event agency LH Events.

We are partners who establish long-term deals and keep our word.



Ing. Jan Ficek - General Manager

Jan Ficek graduated from the University of Economics in Prague in 1994 with a focus on tourism, marketing and controlling. During the years 1996 – 2000, he worked in the top management positions of hotel companies TOP SPIRIT a.s. and Legner Consulting s.r.o. Since 2000, within the Labartt group, he has been responsible for real estate investments in the tourism industry and the professional development of this specialization. Since 2009, he has been the executive director of Labartt Hospitality s.r.o. and since 08/2017 LH Hotels & Resorts s.r.o. He is the author of a number of professional articles in the field of hotel investments and lectures on hotel investments at the University of Economics in Prague, EU in Bratislava and Bucharest.


Ing. Ondřej Zajíc - Director
Ondřej Zajíc studied in the years 1995 – 2007 at the Private Hotel School in Zlín, at the University of Silesia in Opava - Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship in Karviná and at the University of Economics in Prague with a focus on tourism, business economics and management. Since 2005, he has specialized in real estate investments and analyzes in the tourism industry within the Labartt group. Since 2009, he has been in the position of Senior Manager & Partner for all offices of Labartt Hospitality s.r.o., where he is responsible for office management and their business performance. Since 08/2017 he has held the position of Director at LH Hotels & Resorts s.r.o.


Marek Pavlík - Operations Director

Marek Pavlík graduated from the secondary hotel school in Prague - Klánovice. He began to draw on his more than 30 years of experience in positions in famous Prague restaurants Rottisserie, Klášterní vinárna, U Zlatého hada, etc. He also worked for several years for leading Czech hotel chains (Legner Consulting, OREA Hotels a.s., Genea 2000 Praha s.r.o., EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel a.s.) in the positions of F&B Manager, central F&B Manager of the hotel network and operational director of the hotel. He also gained experience in the positions of operational manager of the "U Hájků" conference center. In the last few years, he worked as a director of a design hotel in the center of Prague and in the last 10 years as a director of the ***** Hotel Sen Senohraby, a **** conference hotel and F&B director of the conference 4* Hotel Galant and 4* LH Hotel Dvořák Within Labartt Hospitality and LH Hotels & Resorts, he specializes in hotel operations, controlling and operational structures of hotel facilities, pre-opening activities and direct management of entrusted hotels.



Our goal is to be hoteliers and restaurateurs. We provide services, comfort and facilities to people on the go. We respect the individuality of our customers and build up the long-term perspective of our company on this.

Although we are an organized hotel company that serves thousands of guests every year, we still feel more like a family business. Employees, managers and partners share the same goal, which is to focus on the long-term improvement and improvement of what we do.

We believe that what we can do and provide is meaningful. We trust our employees and co-workers, motivate them and give them the background and opportunities to grow with us.

Our plan is long-term. We want to develop in such a way that everyone who is with us sees the meaning of our efforts and likes to participate in these efforts.



Our partners are the owners of hotels that we operate either in the form of a classic rental agreement or a management contract (Management Contract).

We prefer long-term contracts of 15 or 20 years with the option of extension because we know that our activity has the greatest effect especially in a long-term cooperation with our partners.

Each hotel has its own management, which is supported from the headquarters in Prague. We prefer the independence and imagination of our people and thus achieve excellent results.

We use the most modern technologies when managing hotels and processes because we know that we must constantly move forwards. The goal for us is not a short-term, but a long-term revenue to be granted.



Connecting visions, emotions, personalities, brands, the right place, know-how and quality. LH Events respects all of this.

Our professionals have long-term experience in organizing events of various kinds. We come up with tailor-made concepts that engage the target group and leave an unforgettable experience.

We will prepare ideal conditions for your presentation, seminar or training. Your business partners will be enthusiastic about the environment and the service provided, be it technical, professional organization or the offered catering.

Experience, enthusiasm, creativity, experiences, precise sophistication and variable technical solutions. These values will move your actions and events into the category of successful ones that are talked about. Experience these unforgettable moments with us.



Because we know that we want to help those who need our help, we are involved in various local and national programs. If our employees need support, they can find it with us. We are fair to our customers and suppliers.

In the places where we operate, we naturally help seniors, local associations and organizations.

Some of the larger programs we support include:




Because we know that a hotel today is much more than just a hotel room, breakfast and restaurant, we offer many services at LHHR.

What our hotels have in common is that we offer high-standard options for individual travellers as well as for corporate clientele or social events.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we naturally provide high quality services and equipment, be it our congress capacities or wellness.

We listen to our guests and come up with innovations that make their stay with us more pleasant. At the same time, we honestly deal with all the individual requests they have for us because it is natural for us to behave in a hospitable manner.



Although we know that a quality restaurant is very demanding on time and invested money, we still offer experiential gastronomy in our hotels.

Currently, we can boast about two successful concepts, the La Cave restaurant in Tábor, headed by Martin Pudil - the winner of many prestigious awards and a member of the national team of chefs and confectioners of the Czech Republic, and Lovecká Chata in Hluboká nad Vltavou, managed by Zbyněk Ulver, an excellent chef who has cooked in renowned restaurants under the leadership of award-winning chefs and has brought modern gastronomy to Lovecká Chata in an engaging presentation.

All our hotel restaurants have received CZECH Specials certification.

We work hard to ensure that our guests take away experiences and return to us. Colleagues in our restaurants are hardworking and innovative and this brings success to our concepts.

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